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What does it take to “Make it” – A Plan

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What does it take to “Make it”

From Beyond Talent, there is a something that we all know, but aren’t willing to admit: talent isn’t enough.

Beeching list ten principles to success:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know about the music industry. Get Savvy (which ties directly into Cutler’s book: The Savvy Musician)
  3. Schmooze (Network): such a dirty word in our world, but who knows how great you are if no one knows you.
  4. Research
  5. Cultivate an attitude
  6. Assess your interpersonal skills
  7. Think like an entrepreneur
  8. Have a hook
  9. Have short-term and long-term goals
  10. Feed your soul – what motivates you and why

Like in the last post, The Big Idea, Beeching writes about thinking like an entrepreneur and to see what is already being done in the music instrustry.  Study, learn, read, and keep current with all aspects of music, or especially what is relevant to your key area of interest: education, orchestral music, rock, jazz, composition, etc.

On this idea, I think it’s important to join professional organizations related to your areas of interest.  It’s instant access to learning who are the leaders in your area of interest, what they are doing, and where you might find your place.  Once you have done your research and developed your idea, these professional organizations are some of the first places to return for sharing your finished product.

Setting Goals: Beeching vs. Cutler

Beyond Talent Suggestions:

  1. Write your definition of success.
  2. What specifically do you love about performing?
  3. What specifically do you love about being a musician?
  4. What is your long-term goal?
  5. Describe in detail the like you’d like to be leading ten years – where, what kind of work, income, family?
  6. What is your short-term goal?
  7. How does this lead you to your long-term goal?
  8. What do you want to accomplish this month that will lead you to this short-term goal?
  9. What’s your to-do list this week?

If Beyond Talent’s first chapter is the How, the Savvy Musician is the why.

Why be an Entrepreneur?

Is it?

Financial Gain

Creative Freedom and Gratification

To Stand Out

Address job Demands

To Be Relevant

To Ensure a Legacy

Asset what you already have.

What are your skills inside and outside of music? Where would you like to grow or what do you feel that you need to learn to reach your goals?

So this week: make a clear plan.  Set goals.  List your assets and where you would like to grow in knowledge and skill.  Answer these questions honestly and be prepared to start producing physical evidence of where you are headed!

In the Savvy Musician, Cutler has vignettes of well-known musicians and aspects of their success and how they got there.  Jeff Nelsen, hornist with the Canadian Brass and currently teaching at Indiana University has a Master To Do List mentioned book in Cutler’s book and at Horn Matters. A quick Google search didn’t produce the document; so if anyone out there finds it, please leave a link.  See how the pros set their goals and follow through!


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